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    Strategic energy procurement

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    Invoice Validation

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    Free Energy Audit

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    PH Energy Services are experts in providing tailored energy solutions for businesses and charities.

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PH Energy Services are passionate about protecting their customers from paying too much for their energy whether it’s a rate that’s too high or simply using more energy than they should. Many small businesses and charities simply don't have the time to deal with gas and electricity suppliers directly and find it very hard to source the most competitive and appropriate deal. Further to this when it comes to complex queries relating to bills this can encroach on valuable internal resources and meaning that many queries won’t get pursued by the customer and considerable sums of money left in the suppliers bank account instead! We can take all that pain away for you! We are a small nimble and very experienced team with the ability to place the best contract for you and resolve your queries too. There’s no need to speak to a supplier directly again leaving you free to run your business.

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Take a look at the services we provide and our resources section for help and advice, if you would like to chat to us about whether our services can help your business then please do call, we’re happy to meet in person or have an in depth telephone discussion. We provide all our investigative work for free so there really is nothing to lose. Get rid of that headache today!